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Renewable Energy Sources and Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities for an Architect or Engineer in the Renewable Energy Markets

This analysis evaluates the job opportunities in markets related to renewable energy sources from the perspective of the service offering of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies that participate in those markets.

Renewable Energy Sources clearly represent the future, but where are the job opportunities for those interested in these types of projects?

It is estimated that during the next thirty (30) years, the renewable energy sources will increase from 11% to 15%, while fossil fuels sources will experience a 6% reduction during the same period (1). Coal will probably be the principal energy source by 2020 and Natural Gas will replace Coal as the principal energy source by 2030. Solar is expected to be the principal energy source by year 2070 (2).

In order to understand the job opportunities in these markets, we have analyzed the renewable energy service offering of the largest and most active 1,000 AEC Companies throughout the Americas.

Out of all the companies in this group, 58% now offer services related to renewable energy sources and 83% offer services related to fossil fuels (3). Furthermore, within the sub-group offering services related to renewable energy sources, Hydroelectric Power has the largest participation, with approximately 37%.

The conclusion is that the AEC service offering in the renewable energy markets follows the same pattern as that of the Power Generating Industry in general . The most significant offering is related to Hydro-Power, which historically has been the most developed renewable energy source, but a significant increase has been experienced in the participation of the other renewable options. If you are a professional which is starting your career and you have an interest in these markets, your opportunities will increase with time, going from the development of intelligent buildings, to the required infrastructure for the new energy sources.

Individual Analysis

If you would like to know how the AEC companies serving the renewable energy markets distribute their services, as these relate to your areas of interest, please try the following analytical tool and see the results immediately.

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(2) Shell, The Future is in Our Hands, 2013.
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