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Colombia: 5,000 kilometers of Opportunities

What is your opportunity to participate in the Colombia Mega-Plan of Highway Concessions?

Colombia will invest $24,000 million dollars and will generate 450,000 jobs during the next eight years through concessions of an important part of their highway network. The Plan, known as “Autopistas para la Prosperidad”, (Highways for Prosperity) will involve the award of concessions of an additional 5,000 kilometers of existing highways to the 11,000 kilometers already in process.

Although this opportunity is available to Colombian and foreign Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies, very few local companies will be able to individually compete.

The technical requirements are demanding, however, the financial requirements make it necessary for the local companies to seek international partners or become a sub-contractor to another company in order to participate.

To understand which companies have opportunity to participate at this time, we have analyzed the largest 1,300 AEC companies, which are active in Latin America, including the principal companies of each Latin American country.

Of this Group, we selected those companies with capacity to provide services in the Highways Market which have an office in Colombia. We found that 68% of these are Colombian Companies, 20% are Spanish Companies and 9% are from the United States.

These results reflect that Colombia has been attractive to the AEC International Companies for several years and that these companies are ready for the opportunity currently offered in Colombia.

Personalized Analysis

If you represent an AEC company, please share with us the services that you offer as well as your markets of interest. We can compare your technical capacity with that of those companies that we have identified with opportunity to participate in these projects. This analysis is based on your experience in the markets associated with the Transportation Business Sector and the services offered in this market.

Please select the markets within the Transportation Market Sector in which you have experience: +/-

Transportation: Airports Transportation: Highways and Roads
Transportation: Ports Transportation: Rails

Please select the Services that you offer in these markets related to the Transportation Business: +/-

Construction: Construction-General Construction: Management-General
Economic Studies: Economics-General Engineering: Civil-Geotechnical
Engineering: Civil-Structural Engineering: Civil-Transportation
Engineering: Civil-Water Resources Engineering: Mechanical-General
Engineering: System-Data Management Engineering: System-General
Engineering: System-Geographic Information System Engineering: System-Security Systems
Engineering: System-System Integration Environmental: Advisory-General
Environmental: Environmental-General Environmental: Permitting-General
Maintenance and Operations: Mainteinance-General Maintenance and Operations: Operations-General
Management: Land Acquisition-General Management: Permitting-General
Management: Programs-General Management: Projects-General
Management: Risk-General Surveying: Surveying-General
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